LOUHI 2020 - 11th International Workshop on Health Text Mining and Information Analysis

Alberto Lavelli, James Pustejovsky, Eben Holderness, Antonio Jimeno Yepes, Anne-Lyse Minard and Fabio Rinaldi

Live Session 1: Nov 20, Live Session 1: Nov 20 (09:00-17:30 UTC)
an interdisciplinary forum for researchers interested in automated processing of health documents

Time (PDT) Event Hosts
Nov 20, (09:00-09:15 UTC)


Nov 20, (09:15-10:45 UTC)

Session 1: oral presentations & QA
The Impact of De-identification on Downstream Named Entity Recognition in Clinical Text (Hanna Berg, Aron Henriksson and Hercules Dalianis)
Simple Hierarchical Multi-Task Neural End-To-End Entity Linking for Biomedical Text (Maciej Wiatrak and Juha Iso-Sipila)
Medical Concept Normalization in User-Generated Texts by Learning Target Concept Embeddings (Katikapalli Subramanyam Kalyan and Sivanesan Sangeetha)
Not a cute stroke: Analysis of Rule- and Neural Network-based Information Extraction Systems for Brain Radiology Reports (Andreas Grivas, Beatrice Alex, Claire Grover, Richard Tobin and William Whiteley)
GGPONC: A Corpus of German Medical Text with Rich Metadata Based on Clinical Practice Guidelines (Florian Borchert, Christina Lohr, Luise Modersohn, Thomas Langer, Markus Follmann, Jan Philipp Sachs, Udo Hahn and Matthieu-P. Schapranow)

Antonio Jimeno
Nov 20, (10:45-11:00 UTC)


Nov 20, (11:00-12:20 UTC)

Session 2: oral presentations & QA
Normalization of Long-tail Adverse Drug Reactions in Social Media (Emmanouil Manousogiannis, Sepideh Mesbah, Alessandro Bozzon, Robert-Jan Sips, Zoltan Szlanik and Selene Baez)
Evaluation of Machine Translation Methods applied to Medical Term (Konstantinos Skianis, Yann Briand and Florent Desgrippes)
Information retrieval for animal disease surveillance: a pattern-based approach (Sarah Valentin, Mathieu Roche and Renaud Lancelot)
Multitask Learning of Negation and Speculation using Transformers (Aditya Khandelwal and Benita Kathleen Britto)

Nov 20, (12:20-14:00 UTC)


Nov 20, (14:00-14:45 UTC)

Keynote speaker: Guergana Savova

Eben Holderness
Nov 20, (14:45-15:00 UTC)


Nov 20, (15:00-16:15 UTC)

Session 3: oral presentations & QA
Biomedical Event Extraction as Multi-turn Question Answering (Xing David Wang, Leon Weber and Ulf Leser)
An efficient representation of chronological events in medical texts (Andrey Kormilitzin, Nemanja Vaci, Qiang Liu, Hao Ni, Goran Nenadic and Alejo Nevado-Holgado)
Defining and Learning Refined Temporal Relations in the Clinical Narrative (Kristin Wright-Bettner, Chen Lin, Timothy Miller, Steven Bethard, Dmitriy Dligach, Martha Palmer, James H. Martin and Guergana Savova)
Context-Aware Automatic Text Simplification of Health Materials in Low-Resource Domains (Tarek Sakakini, Jong Yoon Lee, Aditya Duri, Renato F.L. Azevedo, Victor Sadauskas, Kuangxiao Gu, Suma Bhat, Dan Morrow, James Graumlich, Saqib Walayat, Mark Hasegawa-Johnson, Thomas Huang, Ann Willemsen-Dunlap and Donald Halpin)

Fabio Rinaldi
Nov 20, (16:15-16:30 UTC)


Nov 20, (16:30-17:30 UTC)

Session 4: oral presentations & QA
Identifying Personal Experience Tweets of Medication Effects Using Pre-trained RoBERTa Language Model and Its Updating (Minghao Zhu, Youzhe Song, Ge Jin and Keyuan Jiang)
Detecting Foodborne Illness Complaints in Multiple Languages Using English Annotations Only (Ziyi Liu, Giannis Karamanolakis, Daniel Hsu and Luis Gravano)
Detection of Mental Health from Reddit via Deep Contextualized Representations (Zhengping Jiang, Sarah Ita Levitan, Jonathan Zomick and Julia Hirschberg)