Grammarly develops an AI-based writing assistant that helps 30 million people every day write more clearly and effectively in English. In building a product that scales across multiple platforms and devices—including a web editor, native desktop apps, an iPad app, mobile keyboards, add-ins for Microsoft Office, and browser extensions—Grammarly works to empower users whenever and wherever they communicate.

Grammarly’s writing assistant is powered by advanced AI. We’re building a product that delivers sophisticated communication suggestions, adapts to individual users, and scales across the internet. Using a variety of innovative approaches—including advanced machine learning and deep learning—we consistently break new ground in natural language processing (NLP) research to deliver unrivaled assistance in our product offerings.

Across offices in San Francisco, Kyiv, New York, and Vancouver, Grammarly’s values-driven team is growing—to support our expanding user base and to continue developing our writing assistant into a truly comprehensive communication partner.

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