Keynote: Information Extraction Through the Years: How Did We Get Here?

Claire Cardie

Live Presentation: Nov 16, Live Presentation: Nov 16 (15:00-16:00 UTC)

In this talk, I'll examine the state of the NLP subfield of information extraction from its inception almost 30 years ago to its current realization in neural network models. Which aspects of the original formulation of the task are more or less solved? In what ways are current state-of-the-art methods still falling short? What's up next for information extraction?


Claire Cardie is the John C. Ford Professor of Engineering in the Departments of Computer Science and Information Science at Cornell University. She has worked since the early 1990's on application of machine learning methods to problems in Natural Language Processing --- on topics ranging from information extraction, noun phrase coreference resolution, text summarization and question answering to the automatic analysis of opinions, argumentation, and deception in text. She has served on the executive committees of the ACL and AAAI and twice as secretary of NAACL. She has been Program Chair for ACL/COLING, EMNLP and CoNLL, and General Chair for ACL in 2018. Cardie was named a Fellow of the ACL in 2015 and a Fellow of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) in 2019. At Cornell, she led the development of the university's academic programs in Information Science and was the founding Chair of its Information Science Department.

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