Iterative Feature Mining for Constraint-Based Data Collection to Increase Data Diversity and Model Robustness

Stefan Larson, Anthony Zheng, Anish Mahendran, Rishi Tekriwal, Adrian Cheung, Eric Guldan, Kevin Leach, Jonathan K. Kummerfeld

Dialog and Interactive Systems Short Paper

Gather-5H: Nov 18, Gather-5H: Nov 18 (18:00-20:00 UTC) [Join Gather Meeting]

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Abstract: Diverse data is crucial for training robust models, but crowdsourced text often lacks diversity as workers tend to write simple variations from prompts. We propose a general approach for guiding workers to write more diverse text by iteratively constraining their writing. We show how prior workflows are special cases of our approach, and present a way to apply the approach to dialog tasks such as intent classification and slot-filling. Using our method, we create more challenging versions of test sets from prior dialog datasets and find dramatic performance drops for standard models. Finally, we show that our approach is complementary to recent work on improving data diversity, and training on data collected with our approach leads to more robust models.
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