Cydex: Neural Search Infrastructure for the Scholarly Literature

Shane Ding, Edwin Zhang, Jimmy Lin

First Workshop on Scholarly Document Processing (SDP 2020) Workshop Paper

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Abstract: Cydex is a platform that provides neural search infrastructure for domain-specific scholarly literature. The platform represents an abstraction of Covidex, our recently developed full-stack open-source search engine for the COVID-19 Open Research Dataset (CORD-19) from AI2. While Covidex takes advantage of the latest best practices for keyword search using the popular Lucene search library as well as state-of-the-art neural ranking models using T5, parts of the system were hard coded to only work with CORD-19. This paper describes our efforts to generalize Covidex into Cydex, which can be applied to scholarly literature in different domains. By decoupling corpus-specific configurations from the frontend implementation, we are able to demonstrate the generality of Cydex on two very different corpora: the ACL Anthology and a collection of hydrology abstracts. Our platform is entirely open source and available at
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