SciWING– A Software Toolkit for Scientific Document Processing

Abhinav Ramesh Kashyap, Min-Yen Kan

First Workshop on Scholarly Document Processing (SDP 2020) Workshop Paper

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Abstract: We introduce SciWING, an open-source soft-ware toolkit which provides access to state-of-the-art pre-trained models for scientific document processing (SDP) tasks, such as citation string parsing, logical structure recovery and citation intent classification. Compared to other toolkits, SciWING follows a full neural pipeline and provides a Python inter-face for SDP. When needed, SciWING provides fine-grained control for rapid experimentation with different models by swapping and stacking different modules. Transfer learning from general and scientific documents specific pre-trained transformers (i.e., BERT, SciBERT, etc.) can be performed. SciWING incorporates ready-to-use web and terminal-based applications and demonstrations to aid adoption and development. The toolkit is available from and the demos are available at
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